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Tried and trusted drug store favourites

I started wearing make-up when I was about 12 or 13 but I remember not being allowed to wear mascara until I was 14, so my love of make-up and experimentation with products didn’t really kick off until around then. There are still some products in my routine today that I started using all those…… Continue reading Tried and trusted drug store favourites

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Brow-how: all you need to know how

In my last video (Cheap and easy eyebrows in 30 seconds!), I mentioned that I was working on a detailed post about eyebrows and how to know what shape is best for you.  Here it is… Eyebrows are one of those make-up trends that come and go… They have a fickle and temperamental history, much…… Continue reading Brow-how: all you need to know how

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Are you a scrubber?!

Exfoliating within your weekly skincare regime can make your other products go further, last longer and therefore save you money. Fact. Not to mention the skin health benefits. Read on and I’ll show you how… Our skin sheds naturally, all by itself. Things like friction speed up this process: just the movement of your clothes…… Continue reading Are you a scrubber?!