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Tried and trusted drug store favourites

I started wearing make-up when I was about 12 or 13 but I remember not being allowed to wear mascara until I was 14, so my love of make-up and experimentation with products didn’t really kick off until around then. There are still some products in my routine today that I started using all those…… Continue reading Tried and trusted drug store favourites

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My Kikki-K unwrapping

This is a little different to my usual beauty and make-up related posts but still relevant I think, nonetheless. Every person needs to feel organised in their own way and I couldn’t do what I do without a good system to back me up! I am many things, all of which need organising, which as…… Continue reading My Kikki-K unwrapping


Inspiration for the new year

Today feels more like new year’s day than new year’s day did, because it’s officially the first day of normal life again, after the festive break.  So many people return to work/school etc. today and most of the Christmas lights and decorations are all gone by now. I always mourn the end of the festive…… Continue reading Inspiration for the new year