My name’s Rachel and I’m a lecturer in beauty therapy and specialist make-up. I’ve been teaching for about 12 years now, during which I’ve also had a constant and steady flow of clients and industry training to keep my practise current. I’m a wife and a mummy to two gorgeous girls too! Life is busy!

I am hugely passionate about all things beauty and I love that I get to share it with others everyday in my work. I have a ridiculously excessive make-up collection and I add to it frequently; there’s nothing like the anticipation of a new product and what it promises you, all wrapped in its beautiful, exciting little package! On the other hand, I’m a tough customer. Always keen to experience new products (there’s so much out there!) but I need convincing before I’ll part with my cash. I’m a savvy shopper and like a brand that sweeps me off my feet, is backed by credible know-how and does what it says on the tin.

Being qualified professionally in make-up and beauty therapy never means you’re at the top of your game… There’s always more out there for you to soak up and the industry is changing all the time, so I follow a lot of beauty bloggers, vloggers, pages, you name it, I like to be in the know! Frustratingly, a lot of what I see in industry and media isn’t supported by knowledge and judgements that are made aren’t always justified. Which makes me wonder: how are we supposed to make informed decisions?! Beauty isn’t cheap, so we need to know what we’re in for…

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So here it is, my inner passion to share and inspire: beauty, skincare and make-up for the savvy and inspired; educated and justified beauty tips, tutorials and reviews, plus regular reveals of the industry know-how behind the products…