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My evening skincare routine

I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about my evening skincare routine, sharing with you the products I use, how I use them, what I think of them and also the skin concerns I’m currently experiencing, why and how I’m treating them. I thought I’d write a blog post to complement this and to more formally review the products I’m currently using to take the day off.

Eye Make-Up Remover

I’ve been using L’Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover for as long as I can remember, since I was about 15 for sure. Initially I bought it because it was easy to get hold of, reasonably priced and it smelled nice but I’ve since found it to shift anything I’ve ever worn on my eyes, even waterproof make-up. It’s a water consistency, which makes it a really cool and refreshing product to apply and I love that ‘aaah’ feeling I get when I use it at the end of the day. I simply apply it to two cotton discs and hold it on my eyes for about 10 seconds before sweeping it away. Tip: with all eye make-up removers, just hold them on your eyes and allow the product to start soaking into and breaking down your make-up. That way, it’s less effort for you and you also avoid scrubbing your eyes and being too rough with the delicate skin in that area.

First Cleanse

If you’ve read my previous post about the basics of skincare, you’ll know how passionate I am about double cleansing, hence ‘first cleanse’. It’s really important (especially if you wear make-up and products during the day) to cleanse twice: first to dislodge make-up, dirt, sweat and oil and second to thoroughly remove this and deep cleanse the skin. I’m a fan of oil based cleansers for my first cleanse, working on the principle that ‘like attracts like’ and therefore that an oil based cleanser will be the best at clinging to/dislodging oil based make-up, dirt, sweat and sebum. I’ve been using Dermalogica’s Precleanse loyally for years now and there’s nothing it won’t shift. It’s also a total hero when it comes to stripping my lips of stubborn, matte lipsticks (like Max Factor’s Lipfinity)!

One pump in the palm of my hand, massaged over my whole face and neck (always take your face products down to your collar bone) really starts to lift everything off. I then add a couple drops of water to the product on my hands and rub it in to emulsify the oil (turning it a milky white) and then, adding a few more drops at a time, I start massaging water into the product on my face and neck to emulsify that. When it’s all gone milky white, it’s ready to be removed, which you can do whichever way you prefer (rinse, damp cotton wool, flannel, etc.) but here’s where I use my Sponge Cloth, also by Dermalogica. I like this because it’s just like using a flannel but one that doesn’t create any friction on your skin whatsoever. I’m quite sensitised after using a flannel and I can tell this because my skin goes far too red when I’m finished. I know what normal redness is for me after cleansing but flannels create excessive redness for me and that shouldn’t go ignored.

Second Cleanse

Currently I’m using Omorovicza Foaming Cleanser which I picked up from Space NK recently. Normally I steer clear of foaming cleansers, as the ingredients that make them foam, strip the grease from my skin. This sounds like a good thing but they strip me so much so that I end up parched and dehydrated, therefore overproducing oil in compensation and the viscous cycle goes on… (If you fancy reading more about dehydration, here’s a previous post I wrote about it.) This cleanser on the other hand is quite different: it’s nourishing and comforting whilst using and also after, plus it smells amazingly of orange blossom in a natural, not a perfumed way. I just apply a 20p sized amount to the palm of my hands with a few drops of water and rub into a larger before massaging it over my whole face and neck. I also remove this with my sponge cloth.


I don’t use toners for the traditional reasons but I do like to use them as an extra opportunity to nourish my skin (not sure what I mean? Read my recent post, formally introducing you to the purpose and evolution of toners). Currently I’m loving Pixi’s Hydrating Milky Mist, as it’s a refreshing spritz that leaves you feeling comforted and nourished. I spritz this all over my face and neck and then I flap about a bit while it dries! I’m enjoying using this product but I wouldn’t say it’s working miracles for me (I think it’s simply keeping to its promises), so I’m still open to trying other toners on the market when this one’s all used up.


Because I’m currently dehydrated and sensitised, I’m using my Decleor Aromessence Rose D’Orient Oil Serum before I moisture in the evenings. This is a soothing serum for sensitive skins and I find it really helps to ‘reset’my skin when it gets excessively red after my morning/evening routines. As I said earlier, excessive redness shouldn’t go ignored and is your skin’s distress signal to you that it’s not happy. My husband bought me this product for Christmas and it’s been an absolute hero ever since. I’m prone to dehydration and then (if I don’t act quick enough!) sensitisation, so this little baby gets me back to my old self again in just a couple days. 3 drops on my fingers, spread across my face and neck is all it takes and it absorbs beautifully, not leaving you at all greasy.


Another Dermalogica product! I’ve been loyal to Skin Smoothing Cream now for years and I find it the most comforting and hydrating moisturiser to apply, I really enjoy smoothing it in. It used to be far too rich for me but as I’ve aged, my skin isn’t quite so oily and so this is now a perfect balance of hydration and moisture for me. I tend to only use it in the evenings now, as I like a moisturiser with an SPF for daytime use.

With regards to eye creams, lip balms, etc. I tend not to use them in the evening. I use an eye cream with an SPF in the mornings (to protect my eye area from premature ageing through sun damage) but if I use one in the evening as well, I find it makes my eyes a little bit puffy and stingy. I’ve just put this down to it being too much hydration for my eye area so I’ve resigned to just applying eye creams in the morning. I’m a bit lazy in the evenings: I just want to put my jammies on and crash on the sofa for a while before I go to bed. So if I’m feeling fancy I might get out my cuticle oil and the handcream but, apart from everything I’ve listed above, that’s all I use.

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