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The easy smokey eye technique (amped up with optional bold lip!)

I’ve always said how happy I am to receive questions or requests from readers/viewers/followers and I recently had someone post a question on my Facebook page about how they could shake up their make-up style for a night out. So I thought I’d do a video tutorial on a new technique they could try. The lady in question normally uses the Big Beautiful Eyes palette by Benefit but wanted a new look for a change.

The look I decided to share for her is something that anyone can create with any eyeshadow palette they currently have (no need to go shopping, unless you really wanted me to give you an excuse!); it’s a quick and non-intimidating take on a smokey eye with the option of bold lip to go with, if it’s your thing. It’s my thing… But I realise it’s bold and not for everyone. When I came downstairs after filming this video, we were getting ready to go out but I was still wearing all the make-up from the tutorial I’d just done; my husband took one look at me and said “I don’t think garden centres are quite ready for this…” So needless to say I removed the lips before we headed out to buy bedding plants!

I find that a ‘smokey eye’ can intimidate some people; it’s known for being quite bold and glamorous but I think there’s also a perception that you need to be at least a semi-pro to apply it successfully. This is certainly not the case and in this week’s video, I show you a method that achieves a simplified take on a this, yet one that still achieves a sultry and sophisticated look and that isn’t quite so full on or time consuming. It’s softened and smudgy, which I think is an elegant take on this glamorous look. I hope you enjoy!

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