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Product review: Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

Clinique was one of the first brands I established a full skincare regime with (having only used Clean and Clear beforehand; I was just in my teens) and it wasn’t long before I discovered their Moisture Surge moisturiser, which I absolutely fell in love with. Back then I was far oilier than I am now and with frequent breakout activity, so I really enjoyed the gel texture of the product and the cooling feel it gave my skin when I applied it. For one reason or another I came away from the brand and, apart from their make-up, I haven’t used any of their products in years (no criticism to Clinique, I think it’s because I realised the wealth of choice on the market and have enjoyed sampling other things).

It was about a month ago when I was at the peak of my struggle with dehydrated skin and it made me think of the Moisture Surge range: I like my hydration to come in the form of something that’s also light/easily absorbed and I remember the Moisture Surge being just that. So off to Boots I went and I got chatting to a Clinique assistant… She was SUCH a lovely girl and knew the products very well indeed but she had the most terrible make-up! I know that’s an awful thing to bother saying and not at all related to this post but she’s an advert for the brand and I couldn’t help feeling like ‘come on people, these are the basics’! I digress…

I went in with the intention of buying the Moisture Surge moisturiser but I noticed a mask in the range, which is even better (I could still enjoy my current moisturiser but supplement my regime with a mask instead: a much more versatile and economical solution). So needless to say, it came home with me and I’ve been using it at least twice a week ever since. So here’s my full and frank review, I always promise to be honest…

Clinique’s Moisture Surge Overnight Mask is sold at £30 for 100ml. Being an ‘overnight mask’ I was a bit dubious, as I personally hate the idea of going to bed all gloopy and staining my pillows with excess product that rubs off during the night… I was advised to apply it at least 15 minutes prior to going to bed and to tissue off the excess before actually getting into bed. Fair enough but me being me (I like to get my money’s worth), I ignored the advice and applied it at about 7pm (a baked bean sized amount smoothed onto each of my cheeks, forehead and throat) and sat in it all evening until bedtime (about 9:30pm on a school night). By this point I was unsure as to whether to bother ’tissuing off the excess’ and instead chose to blot with a tissue, which didn’t make much difference; it had all pretty much absorbed and I just felt slightly dewy.

The texture of the product is like a thick gel, almost a cream but not quite and it’s a very pale pink in colour with a fresh, barely there fragrance. It’s a pleasure to apply, as the texture offers instant comfort to a dehydrated skin like mine and you feel dewy and nourished whilst wearing it. It’s also not an inconvenience being an overnight mask either: as long as it’s mostly absorbed by bedtime, you can get away with a quick blot and you won’t feel claggy. By the end of the evening, my skin felt nice: definitely nourished and comfortable and it looked plump and smooth too. But by the morning my skin looked like it always does; throughout the day it felt like it always does and my makeup applied in the same way it always does. Using this mask (at least twice a week) has felt nice (whilst it’s on and immediately after) but it hasn’t really made a marked difference to the hydration of my skin. And I’ve been using this for about a month now…

So I did an experiment: whilst on holiday, I applied the mask every single evening for the whole week and only then did I notice a real difference in my skin (the creases characteristic of my dehydration were dramatically plumped and much less noticeable).

So my conclusion is this: it’s easy and a pleasure to apply, cooling and comfortable to wear and it immediately hydrates your skin but not so much so that you’d notice a difference with usage just once or twice a week. Definitely wear it for longer than the recommended 15 minutes before bed and, if you can, wear it for a whole evening. If you can afford to, use this nightly and you’ll be impressed at how it plumps and improves the texture and smoothness of your skin. Perhaps not a realistic expectation for many of us though… I’ll happily use this up (it really is lovely use) but in all honesty, I’m hoping there’s something more effective on the market, that doesn’t require daily use to see results.

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