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Review: Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

If you follow my blog and/or my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I’m often harping on about the saga that is my dehydrated skin (and my constant mission to rehydrate it).  Dehydration is such a frustrating thing, because it’s a skin condition and not a skin type (a post giving more on these coming soon!), which means it can come and go, depending on variable factors that cause it (like medication, fluid intake, illness, environmental factors, sun damage, unsuitable products, heat, friction, etc. the list goes on…).  Meaning that, to a certain extent, it’s in our control as to whether we have skin conditions or not.  And my problem is, I seem to be constantly dehydrated, no matter what my efforts.

Dehydrated skin lacks water (not moisture – two very different things); it appears dull, uneven in texture, with fine, tissue paper-like creases on the surface.  If you push the skin with your finger tip and you see papery creases, it’s dehydrated:

dehydrated skin

If you have a skincare regime that works well but you experience something that isn’t normal for you (like excessive oily shine, sensitisation, breakout activity, dehydration, etc.), you can easily sneak in a few extra products (like a serum, a mask, etc.) as and when you feel the need, just to boost your skin and help to balance any skin conditions you’re experiencing at the time.  On the other hand it might be your skincare routine that is the problem so you would have to be sure that it suited your skin type in the first place.  Being so consistently dehydrated, I thought I’d try out a serum to boost my skincare regime and hopefully plump up my skin to look a little less tired (despite the fact that I am indeed, constantly knackered).

Whilst at the Professional Beauty Show in London in February this year, I tried the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum.  I’m instantly attracted to anything that claims to address thirsty skin, particularly if it’s in a gel-like formulation, as I don’t like anything that might contribute to shine on my skin (another thing I’m always trying to combat!).  The Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum is just that: it’s light, absorbs quickly (which won’t interrupt my routine or affect make-up application: win-win) and it also gives that instant gratification by dramatically improving the plumpness and texture of your skin.  I was instantly tempted but couldn’t purchase it at the show and instead ordered one online as soon as I got home. I’ve been using it a few weeks now, so I can give it a thorough review.

£29.00 for 30ml

This serum is intended for use after cleansing and before moisturising, both morning and evening. It’s a lightweight, gel texture and one that absorbs into the skin almost immediately (perhaps so fast because my skin is so thirsty?!). This has plenty of slip and glide and a little goes a long way, so I find one single pump is plenty to cover my full face and neck area. After application, my skin feels relieved, comfortable and dewy but not sticky at all. This is the best of both worlds, as it appears to satisfy the tightness I experience after cleansing but without leaving a residue on my skin that I have to wait to absorb or that would affect my makeup application. I’m impatient with my skincare; I don’t have much time for these things (but it’s equally important to me that I still do them), so I like to just apply and move on quickly, without having to wait around for things to ‘settle’.  After applying the serum, I notice that my skin feels softer and looks smoother; more evenly textured. This has the added bonus of helping my makeup apply better: with a smoother surface to put it on, I get a more thorough blend and it does look fresher for longer in the day.

I love this product, it’s everything I want a serum to be: it’s easy going, economical and slips into my routine seamlessly. After about 3 weeks of use now, my skin is still a little dehydrated (but much improved in texture) but I’m not convinced that this isn’t just my fault, rather than the serum not performing. I rarely have time to practise what I preach, so my water intake is shockingly bad (this isn’t helped by the fact that I barely ever register feeling thirsty, so I have no reminder to drink!), so this is something I’m now actively working on, so I hope that soon my visits to the toilet will be less urgent and my skin will start showing the benefits of my efforts.

I’ll let you know how my dehydration saga is progressing in a future post but for now, I’m going to keep up with the drinking game and continue using this gorgeous serum. I know that tackling dehydration is a game of two halves; only 20% of what we ingest reaches our skin (so drinking water alone isn’t going to cut it);  I need to approach this by both drinking more and aiding hydration topically with my products. I think I’m onto a winner with this serum and I genuinely look forward to using it, so I’d like to give it a fair try hand in hand with better lifestyle choices too. Watch this space…

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