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Oh Friday, thank god you’re here, I’ve missed you…

Things have been a little quiet on the Lady Eversmith front this last couple weeks. My much anticipated return to work has come and I’ve taken some time out of blogging and vlogging to adjust to things, find my new groove and get used to our new routine. I’ve been back to working full time for two weeks now and… it’s actually going really quite well.

I’m a lecturer, so I work around an academic calendar and my return to work has been midway through the year, which is great because I just have to pick up where my maternity cover left off. I’ll be honest with you, I was dreading this. I can’t tell you the tears I’ve cried with guilt over leaving my girls when they’re so small and need me so much. But we’re so lucky that my mum is looking after them, she’s the next best thing. And you know what? On my first day back, as I was walking down the corridor between lessons, I thought of my girls (how I look forward to coming home to them and how I’m going to play Disney music loud and dance round the living room with them before bedtime) but I also felt pleased that I have this time for me, to do my thing, to have an expertise and to have variety in my days.

The weeks are crazy, they fly by in a blink and they have to be planned with military precision or it all goes to pot. But so far it’s all going well and we’re keeping up with it, getting everything done and also sleeping plenty… Let’s see if it lasts! The great thing about weeks going so fast is that, before you know it, you’re back at Friday again and now, that’s what we live for. I wake up on a Friday morning knowing that it’ll all begin to slow from today. I don’t do lunch breaks during the week, there’s just too much to do so I eat on the go but occasionally, if my schedule allows it, I treat myself to a wander into town to stretch my legs, window shop and pick up something tasty for dinner. On these days, when I get in the car with my husband to come home, there’s so much more life and conversation in me; I’ve learnt that even just a little ‘me’ time makes such a difference to how I feel.

This particular Friday, I found myself pushing open the door to Jo Malone and waltzing in like I had some purpose (I really didn’t). After a few seconds an assistant approaches me and asks if I need any help, which I didn’t (normally I like to be left alone and browse in peace) but for some reason I started talking, about how I’ve always dreamed about spending time in the store to sample fragrances and that somewhere, my signature scent is waiting for me. “Oh it’s here somewhere’ she said, “we’ve just got to find it”. What a line! But she had me.

We started talking about what I like and I sampled a few suggestions before settling on a scent that was THE perfect roundup of everything I love in a fragrance: nectarine blossom and honey. It’s floral but not in a flowery way; it’s fresh and clean and also a little sweet but not sickly. I thought that was it: I write it down, take it home to my husband and drop a few hints/spell it out very clearly because he never gets the hints (my birthday’s coming up in April). But no. The assistant invited me over to sit at a bar where she was going to ‘layer’ the fragrance for me to sample it properly. I start feeling like a bit of a fraud because I had no intention of buying anything but she seemed to know this and invited me anyway. I sat down, put my rings in a velvet pouch she’d placed next to me, had a drink of fresh lemon water from a champagne flute and for the next 20 minutes she cleansed my hands with the body wash, massaged each arm with the body lotion and then spritzed both arms with the fragrance. All the while, teaching me about scent in ways I’ve never thought of it before. I was in heaven and it was such a perfect end to my week! Plus, I smelt amazing. Helpfully, she wrote down my favourites and said that if hubby ever does come in, they can pull out my notes and tell him what I liked… I floated out of the shop, on a cloud of the most beautiful scent and in just that one experience, I was transformed from an exhausted lady after a long week, to Rachel-with-her-mojo-back again. Thank you Jo Malone!

So it’s Friday night, I’m sitting on the sofa in my huge, fluffy, purple dressing gown watching the end of series 5 of Grey’s Anatomy (George O’Mally dies?!). We’ve just finished eating our Friday night treat meal from M&S and I’m painting my nails with (my weekend colour of choice) Taupe-less Beach by OPI. We keep looking at each other and smiling: “it’s Friday!”. Friday night also means we get to crack open a bottle of wine and (if we’re feeling really naughty) a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Phish Food being the flavour of choice, of course.

The weekends used to pass by, we didn’t achieve many, if any, of the things on our jobs list; we just mooched. But now we’re super charged, so appreciative of the break and boshing out our to do lists like there’s no tomorrow. I conclude: work is good for me. I need variety and a balance of enough (but not too much) time on my hands or I get lazy and demotivated. I’ve taken a few weeks to get into the swing of things but I’ve found my feet, got my pace and I have tonnes of ideas for new content, coming your way as we speak… I’m back.

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Thanks for reading x

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