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How I finally shrunk my huge pores

Even on the best make up day, my large pores still stand out (to me) more than anything. This can be such a kick in the teeth, because over recent years I’ve spent time getting to know my skin, I’ve put in a lot of effort with it, getting into good habits so that it’s balanced and resisting the urge to use wipes after a long hard day. My make up has been really paired down to the bare basics but equally products that I’m happy to spend a bit more on, that really do get the best out of my skin and last the day . But despite all my efforts, I still can’t feel entirely confident about my skin because when I look in the mirror, my large pores still glare back at me.

If you have large or at least visible pores, the chances are you also have a combination or an oily skin type, producing a shine throughout the day. This is certainly the case for me, so not only have I (since puberty) been trying every product and technique under the sun to combat shine and mattify my skin, I’ve also been trying every product and technique under the sun to shrink/fill in/hide my pores. But therein lies the problem…

My first point: when you have shiney skin, you’re recommended stripping products that remove oil, absorb oil, mattify shine, etc. This addresses the undesirable appearance of a shiney skin but it does nothing to care for the skin type. In fact, very often, how we treat a skin type with oil production results in the dehydration of it, which only serves to encourage more oil production. A viscous cycle.

My second point: your pores are what they are, they are the size they are and they’re as visible as they are. Don’t kid yourself into thinking any product out there is actually going to get rid of them, you’d be wasting your money. What you do need to do however, is think about grapes. And raisins… Stay with me. A nice, plump, juicy, ripe grape is smooth on the surface. As it ages, it dehydrates (losing its plumpness) and eventually it wrinkles and ends up as a raisin. The deep furrows of a raisin (in contrast to the turgid surface of a grape) can be likened to the creases we experience on our skin as a result of dehydration. The more dehydrated we are, the more textured our skin appears. And I don’t want texture, I want glass…

So all these years I’ve been using powder based everything-I-could-get-my-hands-on. So scared was I of an oily shine throughout the day, I didn’t consider anything else. Buying countless pore-filling primers, only to find that I’d yet again wasted my money (I’m still secretly holding out hope on a miracle find!). But I had this theory, that if I load up on hydration, my pores would plump out and not be so deep and obvious.

My whole skincare routine has been focused on desensitising and rehydrating my skin and I now feel like I’ve got the balance just right, as I don’t produce much of a shine throughout the day anymore and my skin feels comfortable all the time. But I still had huge pores and my make-up bag had remained the same; I needed to extend rehydration to my make-up routine too. So I broke all my own make-up rules and started buying cream-based products rather than powder. TERRIFYING for an oily person! And that was the game changer.

The products I first tried are the ones I’m still in love with now. I’ve been using them for over 10 days now, so my findings are definitely not a fluke. I’m not one for full-on contouring on a daily basis, I’m more of a blusher, highlight and job done kind of girl. So I was on the look out for a cream-based blusher and the first one that ticked my boxes (in terms of shade, consistency and colour pay-off) was Pixi’s Multibalm stick in Baby Petal. It’s a lovely brown/pink, which is my natural flushing colour. The next product I bought was Rosie for Autograph’s Starstruck Highlighter in Get The Glow, which has a silvery taupe pearlescent sheen to it. Lastly, I tried Revlon’s Photoready Concealer in shade Light. I’ll be doing a beauty haul video very soon to review these in detail, so subscribe to Lady Eversmith on YouTube and you won’t miss out.

I was amazed at the difference these made to the appearance of my pores: for once I had smoothness, rather than the rough terrain Neil Armstrong was accustomed to! The thick cream stick texture of these products not only aids the hydration of my skin but they also assist my primer in smoothing my skin; adding more of a cushioning to my pores and HUGELY reducing the appearance of them. Now don’t get me wrong, my pores are still there and I know they won’t be going anywhere (ever!) but this is a revolution for someone like me, who’s been avoiding the thicker, creamier products on the market for so long. I’m converted. And won’t be going back.

Have you tried anything that has a huge impact on large pores? Any tips or tricks you could share too?

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