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My Kikki-K unwrapping

This is a little different to my usual beauty and make-up related posts but still relevant I think, nonetheless. Every person needs to feel organised in their own way and I couldn’t do what I do without a good system to back me up!

I am many things, all of which need organising, which as it happens, is a passion of mine in itself. I love stationary too (it helps). So imagine my delight when, upon securing a lecturing job, the realisation dawns upon me that I need to purchase organisational stationary (the stuff they provide for free at work is not in the least bit cool). The excitement of the ‘back to school’ shopping trip every August, as the summer holidays drew to a close, was mine once again but so much better in adulthood (despite the demise of Woolworths) because I got to choose my new shoes and there’s no pocket money limit on my new pencil case or its contents.

Coming towards the end of my maternity leave and approaching my return to work (and yes, I know it’s not nearly August), I feel a small, motivational back-to-school purchase is the least I can do. I’ve always loved the idea of a perpetual organiser, that you refill as necessary but the secret is to buy one that’s pretty, yet unfussy and timeless in its design (I’m a fickle creature and get bored of things easily, so my choice needs to be future-proof). I’ve already had a Filofax but stupidly bought a size too small to write in comfortably, so I barely used it. I also find their designs a bit boring.

Only a little research later and I found a company called Kikki-K, which sold beautiful, fresh and simply yet creatively designed stationary; I soon had my heart set on a leather organiser in sage with silver spots. You may’ve read in my previous post that I was eagerly awaiting its arrival!  So, Christmas came and went (I thought I’d better make sure Santa hadn’t got me one first, because I’d dropped him LOTS of hints!) and it was then reduced from £54 to £37.80, which almost made it a sale but I was still hesitant over the price. I found you could register as a member to Kikki-K for a discount voucher, which I did and then awaited its arrival to my inbox but it never came.  A week later I thought sod it, just buy it and after adding it to my basket, a wonderful and magical £10 discount appeared at the checkout: £5 membership discount and £5 birthday voucher?! Don’t argue, just pay quickly before it disappears! So I got it for £27.80, a total bargain.

And it finally arrived:

I love it when a company extends their branding to the postage packaging (I think it shows they’ve gone to the extra effort for that finishing touch and proves their commitment to creating an impression) and when the post-lady handed the box to me, I knew exactly what it was straight away, which got me very excited! When I sliced through the tape, I found similarly printed tissue paper covering my organiser and two really cute post cards:

It’s a lovely thing to see when you first open the box! I’ll be keeping the postcard with the gold writing on it, because I think it’s a lovely quote to put somewhere. Every step of the way throughout this transaction with Kikki-K I have found their communication to be efficient, consistent and also they exceeded my expectations in terms of delivery time. I was given an email confirmating the item’s dispatch and it also gave me a link to track my item which, when I looked it up, promised my item within 48 hours of dispatch but I actually received it later that same day, which was a really pleasant surprise!

My organiser was packaged really safely and in a decorative, protective box; unwrapping each layer definitely gave a sense of anticipation and excitement, which I think is a clever and considered touch on behalf of the company.

The organiser is beautiful. Despite being listed as sage, I think it’s more of a pale mint but I’m more than happy with that, it’s one of my favourite colours and practically the colour of our whole house! It looks even better than it did on their website and I love that the silver dots are actually shiny too, not just metallic. I bought this in the large size, as I learnt from my previous mistake with Filofax and wanted to go larger, so that I could write in it more comfortably. The large size is equivalent to A5.

It’s got a popper fastening on the front and inside (my favourite thing) loads of pockets! There are credit card sized pockets too, which I would probably use for business cards, as I meet a lot of company reps and regularly need their details to hand. Loads of sections, plus a zipper pocket will make it a handy place to keep all the shiz I pick up throughout my day!

I love the fact that there’s a mini to do list pad tucked into one of the front pockets – I’m forever needing something quickly to hand to jot down ideas as they pop into my head.

Just inside the diary tab, there’re two pages of colour co-ordinated stickers, so that you can personalise your planner as you go. Three of the dividers have blank tabs, so you can create sections of your planner to suit your needs. Some of the stickers have suggested section names on them, like ‘projects’ and ‘inspiration’ but there are also blank stickers that you could write your own names on. I love how Kikki-K have given you the space to personalise your planner and I think this is a major edge they have over other planners I’ve seen. Everyone likes to organise themselves differently and it’s great that they’ve acknowledged this and made their products flexible. If you check out the rest of their website (which I didn’t but I intend to) you’ll find lots of other lovely things you can get to personalise your stationary even further. That’s all great but I don’t think I’ll be forking out for postage costs again (should’ve thought of that at the time of purchasing the planner!), so I’ll probably just hop on down to Hobbycraft for some funky washi tape and stickers, etc.

The diary section is actually not that useful to me: it’s an 18 month perpetual style diary (whereby you can write which ever dates on it you like but it just looks like a set of squares, each with a day of the week typed at the top. There really isn’t that much space to write anything in each box, so I kind of wrote it off the moment I saw it. This doesn’t disappoint me in the slightest though, I knew this was the style that came with the planner and actually, I don’t know any planner that comes with a day-to-page style diary that I was looking for. So I got a A5 day-to-page diary refill from WHSmith and stuck it in the the planner instead.

One of the most useful sections (for me) will be the ‘meeting notes’ section; when I return to work I’ll be back into meetings of all sorts and will need this more than anything. I like the pre-printed headers that will help me organise the notes I take for meetings for different areas of my job.

My brain is constantly on the go and I think of things to add to various lists all the time, be it my shopping list, the ‘do tonight before I go to bed’ list, my ‘do at the weekend’ list or my ‘work’ to do list… To have a whole section devoted to this is amazing and I’m actually going to use stick on dividers to divide this one section into sub-sections for all my different types of ‘to do’ lists. I might be sounding like a really boring person right now… I can feel myself getting really excited about it all!

Another notes pad tucked into the pocket at the back…

I just LOVE this and, even though it’s more than I intended to spend on a diary for 2017 (I think my husband thought I’d be picking up a £5.99 hardback jobby from WHSmith!), I’m really pleased I got it for so much less than it was originally. I have high hopes that I’ll not get bored with the design anytime soon, it’s just gorgeous and not fussy in the slightest.

Maybe you still haven’t found your 2017 diary or perhaps you’re thinking of something different to help you get organised? I’ve had a great experience with Kikki-K and they’re definitely worth a browse at the least, some seriously pretty and inspiring stuff! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about this, I may just have helped someone make their mind up?! I like to think so anyway…

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Thanks for reading x

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