Vlogging too…

I only recently released my first blogging venture (nervously ‘putting myself out there’ for all to see!) and I quickly started getting little nudges from many different directions to start vlogging as well. The immediate answer in my head was no way…

But, I do change my mind a lot, so just a short while later and I uploaded my first video to YouTube. I’ve had lots of positivity about it so far but I must admit, I have up and down days about vlogging… I flit between feeling really excited about having done it, to really questioning myself and wondering what the hell I’m playing at! But I’m enjoying it and learning a lot, so I’ll continue. Plus I have a lot to say!

So my first video is about applying lipstick for day wear, in a quick way but one that should last you ALL day. It’s all about the prep work!

I wanted to start with a relatively quick and simple topic but one that can so easily complete your look and make you feel more ‘finished’. Plus, my own personal reason for wearing lipstick is because my natural lip colour is very pale and undefined… I’m more often than not anaemic, which can make me look quite washed out and I used to get lots of comments about looking ill and tired (my grandad would call me ‘ghosty!’), so I’ve got into the habit of adding colour back in with make-up.

I have a huge collection of make-up, most of which remains in my professional case up stairs in the bedroom but my ‘daily’ stuff is in a cosmetics case for easy access. Every so often I like to crack open my big case and swap around all of the shades; I’m always like a kid in a sweet shop when I do this (and so’s my daughter!), as I tend to forget a lot of what I have, so it’s nice to get excited all over again when I have a swap around.

I’ve worn and worked with make-up for years so I’ve learnt a lot about what does and doesn’t work and I wanted to share some of my little tricks in the video. I feel strongly that knowledge and experience should be shared but so often I see make-up, beauty and craft tips shared without being backed up with why we do it the way we do. I don’t think anyone can gain confidence in skills without understanding the whys behind them – that’s what enables you to bend the rules and cut corners when you need to! So I hope to justify and explain things in my blog and videos and hopefully share the tricks of the trades in the process.

In this video I touched on the fact that the lipstick shade I chose was a blue based pink: in my next video I’m hoping to give some inside tips about choosing shades of make-up to complement you in the changing seasons, which in turn will explain some of the changes in brand offerings across the year you may have noticed in stores!

I’ll admit, I learnt a lot from doing my first video, there’s a lot that I wouldn’t do the same but there’s also a lot I loved about it. I thought my little girl interrupting me at the end meant I had to scrap it and start again but I ended up leaving it as it was, I thought it’s nice to keep things real!

Subscribe to my channel and you’ll probably see a lot more of me keeping it real!

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