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Mummy’s morning routine, no bullet nipples please…

I recently posted on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter a pic of my morning routine in a bag; it’s taken years to get it down to as few products as it is now but I’m sure I still use more than most people I know…

My best friend recently said to me (sounding really pleased with herself) that she’s got her morning make-up routine right down to 7 minutes! I have a major concern that this will ring normal with the majority of the mummy population (and non-mummy too?!) but when she said that, I was secretly screaming to myself ‘whaaaaat!!!’ 7 minutes is impossible… No. Way. This morning I got ready in 20 minutes (whilst also polishing off my coffee and cereal, I might add) and I was well happy with that. 7 minutes, honestly…

Make-up is something I’ve always been passionate about, so much so that I ended up working with it: I’ve worn it for as long as I can remember (only being allowed to wear mascara from the age of 14 though, not sure what the thinking was behind that rule Mum?!) and once I started wearing it, it became hard to stop. What I mean is, I got so used to my face with it that I began not liking it without… Which brings me to the present day: while I’m more confident than I used to be without make-up, I’m still wearing it everyday without fail and I will always find the time for lipstick (even if it is just the 20 seconds between pulling up outside my daughter’s nursery and getting her out the car to go in).

When pregnant with my first, I had all manner of people tell me I’d have to cut off my waist-length hair (to a more mummy friendly style) because it’d just get sicked on or pulled and I wouldn’t have time to do anything with it anyway. And as for time to do my make-up… Well. I’ve always been contrary and determined: you tell me I can’t and I’ll prove to you I can. Not only did I think everyone was talking rubbish about the hair/make-up thing (surely you can find a few minutes for some mascara and a little blush, even if you are breastfeeding at the time?!) but it almost set a challenge within me. Now I wanted to prove everyone wrong, as well as just continue feeling like me everyday. So I did.

Three years (and two babies) later and I am still true to myself everyday. And that’s what it’s about: being true to yourself, still finding the time to be you in addition to being a wife and mother and all the rest of it. My mother in law once said to me that none of her (five!) children got fed until she’d fed herself first or she just couldn’t function properly for them. I didn’t appreciate it at the time but I’m totally with her now that I’m a mother too. In my case it’s not a food thing, it’s a ‘something for me’ thing. Selfish as that may sound. I’ve learnt that if I don’t do my make-up, I feel incomplete, like I’ve forgotten to put my bra on or something (Rachel from Friends had amazing hair but the no-bra-bullet-nipples look just got on my nerves!). The same as if I don’t find the time for the odd bit of sewing, crochet, cooking, general creative productivity, etc. I just get crabby. My mother in law was spot on: look after yourself and you’ll do a better job of looking after everything else. On. The. Nose.

So the contents of my make-up bag looks like this:

The contents of my make-up bag, bar a few cotton buds to tidy up those pesky mascara splodges on your eyelid…

I think, considering I’m a make-up artist and skin care professional, it’s a pretty modest and simple routine. The make-up and skin care industries are massive to say the least and an absolute mine field for choice as well, which I also think is the best part (I LOVE browsing for new make-up and skin care; nothing beats the promise of a new product and what it might do for you!). But this means that it’s almost fashionable to have an endless list of products that each do a very specific job. Whereas I love the product that does a few jobs in one (and therefore saves me money and time). I do, honestly. Despite the fact that my routine still consists of at least 12 products (more if I’m feeling fancy)…

And where’s the lipstick, you may ask? I had to admit defeat on that one: by the time I’ve done most of my make-up, I’m still woofing down dried up cereal and carrying around a cold cup of coffee and no self-respecting make-up artist would bother doing lips first only to smudge them off on a spoon/mug, surely?! So lip products have a little case of their own in my handbag, so that I can just slick on some stick as I jump in the car. I actually quite like that part because, as I’m getting dressed I still have a selection for choice of what lips I feel like for the day…

Ok, so a few more products to add to the routine, hidden away in my handbag!

So there you have it, yes I’m a mummy but I’ll always be a tart at heart (except I don’t really think this does make me a tart). I have an ongoing internal wrestle on this topic because in many ways, I’ve been made to feel guilty for finding the time for me-things like make-up when I have two little ones demanding my attention (important to say: never by the important people in my life) but on the other hand, I’ve also had a lot of compliments about how I look so ‘well’ and ‘together’ despite having just had a baby. It’s like people expect you to look like a broken mess and then they’re surprised when you don’t?! So I’m waving the flag for all of us out there who may well have chosen to have a family but who also choose to carry on being true to themselves. We are not selfish. Whether it’s make-up, hobbies, down time, whatever… Prioritise what makes you tick.

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