First one in the bag… Hoorah!

So my ‘gap year’ starts and I must must MUST start as I mean to go on, which means I need to dig out that patchwork quilt I started two years ago and finish it.

I already managed to collect all the fabric and start cutting it into squares but it turned out I needed hundreds and it was going to be a waaaay bigger project than I’d anticipated… So it sat on the dining table for a few months and then hubby made me choose: complete it or put it away (I keep telling him I need a craft room so I can hide all my shiz!). So here we are two years later 😩

I didn’t follow a particular pattern or tutorial to make the patchwork quilt but I did watch a few YouTube videos on wadding, quilting, etc. just to get my head round things and then I kind of made it up as I went along. I got stuck A LOT along the way, I swore at the thing almost every time I touched it and I reckon I threw it across the room at least once but then it started getting easier and I could see the light at the end of the (very long) tunnel.

Long story short, I finished it within the month and learnt an awful lot along the way, which I think is the best thing about it. I’m also really pleased with the end result:

I made the quilt to fit a single bed so that it would at least be a useful size as she gets older.
I backed the quilt with a hot pink fleece, which picks out some of the colour on the patches. I also used the thickest wadding I could find to make it super cosy.

We gave it to our little girl as a present when we introduced her to her ‘big girl bed’, in the hope of making things a bit more enticing but I’m secretly hoping it will always be with her, like a heritage blanket or something, following her to university and beyond!

So there was my first job jobbed, a (not so) quick win to get me off to a motivated start. Unfortunately for my husband, the achievement stirred something in me that sent me off (heavily pregnant and waddling) to the haberdashery to get started on the next idea I’d been harbouring: fabric storage baskets.

I’m a massive fan of Pinterest and have board after board of tips and tricks, gifts to make and projects to do (one day) and top of my list was this one, taken from

The tutorial was easy to follow (I adjusted the measurements slightly to make larger bins) and the concept is enticingly simple! I can’t claim to have matured very much since maternity leave with our first daughter, as this project still sat on the conservatory windowsill for a fair few weeks (to be fair, I was quite busy giving birth to and settling in with baby girl number two!) but it got done 😊

I made two bins, the same size and colours (pink lining and grey stripe) to coordinate with the girls’ bedrooms and they tidily store all those dreaded stuffed animals they get given (and we can’t help but buy them!); they’re also quite handy for a game of hide and seek too! As you can see, I folded the top down to create a cuff, partly to show off the pink lining but it also makes them size-adjustable and slightly sturdier. Well chuffed!

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